KAT Implants, LLC is the dental implant manufacturer and distributor based in Portsmouth, NH. The single platform of all implants is, by far, the most prominent feature of KAT System. But, although it is the most prominent and arguably the most important feature, it is not the only one. From inventing the new locking taper activation method and Pick-up Abutments™ to utilizing a solid body implant design, KAT Implants is changing conventional implant dentistry.

KAT System includes implants ranging in diameter from 2.5 to 6.5 mm and in length from 6 to 14 mm. All abutments of KAT System can fit any implant and, since the connection between implant and abutment is accomplished via a locking taper, neither cement nor retaining screws are needed.

Abutment Placement Video

X-ray of implant in #29 shows good bone healing. Implant was placed by a Portsmouth NH dentist Vitali Bondar.

Immediate Implant Placement

X-ray of implant in #29 tooth shows bone healing 2 months after placement. Implant placed by Vitali Bondar, DDS who is a Portsmouth NH dentist.
Dental imlplant in #29 tooth was placed by Vitali Bondar, DDS who is a Portsmouth NH dentist.

"Best implant course that I have taken. The one-on-one instruction was excellent. All my questions - even the dumb ones were answered. Uncomplicated system that will fit my general practice."

Herbert L. Gumpright, DDS


"The KAT Implants course was extremely beneficial. The live surgery presentation was fantastic. I recommend the course to anyone interested in implant placement."

Dayton Cambra, DDS


I love the huge variety of implant diameters available from mini-implants all the way to large diameter implants all sharing the same easy-to-use prosthetic connection. My dental assistant commented recently how much she loves the KAT system for that reason. The bone and tissue response around the KAT implants, as well as the overall esthetics have been exceptional. One of my favorite things about the system is the surgical kit.  It is the most intelligently designed implant surgical kit that I have used to date, and I have used several.

Derrick Johnson DDS FAGD



"Learn from my successes and failures - all my cases will be put online."

Vitali Bondar, DDS

KAT Implants CEO


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Introducing Impression Coping TT Rev. 2. Much easier placement and three length. Closed tray coping to use for any case from a triple tray impression for a single unit to a full arch bridge.

Healed Site Implant Placement Chart for Maximum Success Rev. 2

I use it to prevent over-compression and spinners during all my surgeries.

Vitali Bondar, DDS

Introducing bob-KAT Implants.

bob-KAT implants are the newest addition to KAT Implants family. They are one-piece implants designed for immediate denture retention with an option to convert the case into a fixed bridge at any time! Just cut the ball off and tap any of our abutments on. No cement needed! bob-KAT implants and all other implants are compatible with our new implant drivers and other instrumentation.

To learn more about bob-KAT implants download Rev. 5 Manual or call 877-528-7978 for your hard copy.

bob-KAT Implants

2.5 x 10, 12, 14 mm

3.1 x 10, 12, 14 mm

Two options - removable or fixed!

Send your lab cases to the new KAT Implants Lab! Print Lab Rx/Price List.

KAT Implants is pleased to announce the opening of our in house dental laboratory.  We offer competitive pricing and the same quality product you have come to expect from KAT Implants.  All customers will receive 50% off their first lab case as well as free second day return shipping.  More information on services and fees can be found in our Price List.

Complete immediate placement and loading video

New Closed Tray Impression Coping!

New Delrin plastic impression coping is sold together with the Implant Analog and Closed Tray Abutment of your choice for $160. This universal impression coping fits any Closed Tray Abutment of KAT System and any Closed Tray Abutment fits any implant of KAT System. Audible click insures complete seating of the coping.

Send your case to our on-site lab and get the abutment milling + soft tissue model for free.

Custom abutments - $80. Make every case the best it can be!

Take 50% off from our competitive prices when you send your first case.

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